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Marketing Internship

At Voxdale we're looking for a marketing trainee to join our team.

Internship · Antwerp or Ghent

About Voxdale

At Voxdale, we help build a better world. We believe that the development of technology will play an important role in this transition period.

In short: we build products for our customers. From medical devices to e-vehicles and health food robots, our products help make that vision a reality. Work with us to create a better world for everyone!

  • We work together on big challenges and work together across disciplines and industries to bring the best products to market.
  • We build it ourselves. Our engineers and prototyping team work in the workshop, but our business team is welcome there too!
  • We work alongside driven innovators and outstanding pioneers to bring their hardware and IoT technologies to life.
  • We're helping each other. Good products are made by teams and we care that everyone can do their best work and learn from others.
Voxdale's team consists of 40 employees and is distributed across various offices. While the company originated in Belgium, the majority of our team operates from our headquarters in Wijnegem. Additionally, we have workstations and offices in Antwerp City and Ghent. On the international front, we are expanding our presence in Germany, specifically in Berlin, with offices in Motion.Lab, and in The Netherlands, we have an office at High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

About the internship

At Voxdale, we're looking for talented and driven interns to collaborate with our dynamic Business Development team. The internship must be part of a relevant bachelor's or master's degree study, have a duration of 4 weeks or more and is not paid.

As a marketing intern, you'll be immersed in the heart of our business, actively engaging in the entrepreneurial process. Whether collaborating with our CEO and Business Developers to shape groundbreaking strategies or partnering with our Marketing Communication Manager to craft compelling narratives, your contributions will be valued and impactful.

We believe in tailoring your internship experience to align with your passions and skills. We invite you to actively participate in crafting your role within our Business Development and Marketing Communication teams. Together, we'll define your tasks based on your preferences and our collective vision. Below are the key areas we're excited to explore together:

Content Creation

Copywriting: Develop compelling and persuasive copy for diverse marketing materials, ensuring a consistent brand voice.

Content Curation: Research and curate engaging content from various sources for social media posts, blogs, and other marketing materials.

Graphic Design Assistance: Collaborate with designers to create visually appealing graphics and layouts for marketing campaigns.

Social Media Management

Social Media Strategy: Contribute to brainstorming creative campaign ideas, planning content calendars, and engaging with the audience.

Content Scheduling: Schedule and monitor social media posts, actively respond to comments and foster community engagement.

Social Media Analytics: Analyze social media metrics to provide insights and enhance content strategies.

Multilingual Marketing

Translation and Localization: Translate marketing materials into Dutch, French, German, and English, ensuring cultural accuracy and relevance.

Cultural Adaptation: Research cultural nuances for targeted regions (Flanders vs. Wallonia; Belgium vs. Germany and The Netherlands) to adapt marketing messages effectively.

Market Research

Competitor/Eco-system Analysis: Research competitors and industry trends to provide insights for strategic planning.

Customer Surveys: Develop, conduct, and analyze customer surveys to gather feedback for product and service improvements.

Trend Analysis: Monitor market trends and consumer behavior to identify opportunities for Voxdale's growth.

Reporting and Analysis

Data Analysis: Utilize tools like Google Analytics to analyze marketing data and prepare insightful reports on key performance indicators (KPIs).

Data-Driven Recommendations: Provide actionable insights based on analysis to optimize marketing strategies and enhance decision-making.

About you

Voxdale is looking for people with a passion for developing technologically innovative products who also pride themselves on making a positive impact on society. You dare to communicate openly and friendly and value these qualities in your colleagues. We offer you a friendly, collegial team in which you can grow as an individual and develop your skills.

Preferred skills

  • You can grasp and understand new technologies fast, and you have a solid understanding of how business works
  • You are ambitious and goal-oriented. You are resilient and curious, passionate about listening to people, learning from them, and shaping solutions for their problems
  • You like to communicate, be it in writing or orally, with strong listening and presentation skills;
  • You are well organized and self-driven, able to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively;
  • You enjoy learning new skills and technologies;
  • You look for win-win situations, even when things get stressful.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit

Our team, partners, and clients at Voxdale are incredibly diverse, with people from various cultural backgrounds. While English doesn't necessarily have to be your main language, fluency in English is vital. It is a common thread that binds us all, facilitating effective communication and collaboration. Regardless of your background, being fluent in English will enable you to integrate into our vibrant team environment seamlessly. It's worth noting that the people you will work closely with are native Dutch speakers.

What we offer

At Voxdale, we believe in nurturing talent and fostering a collaborative environment where your ideas are not just heard but they shape the future. This internship is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in real-world business scenarios, enhance your skills, and make a meaningful impact.

If you're passionate about business development and marketing communications and want to be part of a forward-thinking team dedicated to designing the future, we invite you to apply. 

  • We work with many start-ups and fast-moving companies, and we like this fast pace.
  • Every day is different; with us, there is no CTRL-C, CTRL-V work.
  • Our playing field ranges from life-saving medical devices and cutting-edge battery technology to futuristic, connected consumer devices and robotics.
  • You will work in a young team of passionate people who attach great importance to the compatibility of work and private life.
  • We support each other and are flexible regarding working hours and work location.
  • Oh, and fun, lots of fun!

Our culture

At Voxdale, we welcome people of any background, identification, preference or ability. Each individual is important, unique and relevant to our culture. The more diverse our team is, the fresher and more exciting our problem solving and insights will be.

Our culture, based on trust and responsibility, allows you a high degree of flexibility when and where you work: on the road or in one of our offices. If it works for you, it works for us too.

We encourage you to apply even if you don't think you're the "perfect candidate". To be honest, there are no perfect candidates. That's why we'd rather hear from you and talk to you to make sure we're a good match.


Voxdale HQ Wijnegem* I Bijkhoevelaan 32C I 2110 Wijnegem

Voxdale Ghent I Heidestraat 9 I 9820 Merelbeke

Our team at Voxdale values flexibility and understands the importance of accommodating diverse work preferences. While you can work from home, we require interns to be present in our Wijnegem office at least once a week (preferably twice) and in our Ghent office for at least one other day. This in-person requirement allows for necessary in-office collaboration. You also have the option to work remotely for the remaining days. This balanced approach ensures a mix of in-person experiences in both Wijnegem and Ghent and remote work, contributing to a well-rounded internship.

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